Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I know DigestaCure will work for me?

Read the user reports from DigestaCure users who were suffering from various autoimmune driven conditions here:
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Call toll free 1-888-671-2873 and describe your condition to a Product Specialist on the support staff who has multiple years of experience. Read Dr. Ronald P. Drucker's free online book here: The Code of Life. The book explains the healing modes of DigestaCure, and why the medical industry will not train or permit the physician to heal autoimmune conditions.


2. Are there any side-effects or reactions with medications?

There are No side-effects and No contra-indications or reactions with medications or supplements. DigestaCure is classified as a food material, potent and effective, yet as safe as a carrot or a potato. You may take your medications and supplements until you no longer need them.


3. What is in DigestaCure? 

DigestaCure is a concentration of natural immune modulating and healing agents. Click here for further detail
It is certified pure, synthetic-free, pesticide-free, and does not contain any fillers, preservatives, inorganic compounds, or animal products. It is 100% all-natural pure plant-derived bio-available phytonutrients and healing components which exhibit no side effects. It is classified as a food material. It contains no yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, or dairy, or additives of any type, and is suitable for vegetarians, adults, children, infants, pregnant and nursing mothers, and pets too. Please feel free to call should you have additional questions: 1-888-671-2873


4. Is it something like probiotics or healthy enzymes?

No. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, acidophilus, standard aloe powders, diets, recipes, drugs, etc., address symptoms only. We refer to these superficial approaches as “Band-Aids on the bullet holes of disease.” Healing from a chronic disease or condition requires a comprehensive approach. Both Primary Systems; the Digestive and Immune Systems must be initially restored Simultaneously, for total body, cellular, and multiple system restoration to accure.


5. My doctor told me there is no cure for my disease?

Currently, the pharmaceutical controlled traditional medical bureaucracy does not offer, or “officially recognize” a cure or a root healing protocol for ANY autoimmune disease. Instead they offer a virtual menu of profit-based tests, side-effect laden drugs designed to hide (mask) symptoms at best, and quality-of-life altering and/or destroying, surgical procedures. Anyone offering a root-cause, natural healing solution is in direct competition with the disease industry, and therefore not “recognized.”


6. Why didn’t my doctor tell me about DigestaCure?

Physicians practicing under the restrictions of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment guidelines must adhere to policy. The protocol presently in place is based on the allopathic philosophy, the focus being on symptom and immune suppression with the use of pharmaceutical drugs. When this approach inevitably fails, surgery is utilized to remove the effected body parts. Thus, almost all diseases are termed “incurable” by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. Addressing root-causes through natural healing and immune restoring means is usually not an option for an MD, should he wish to remain in good graces with The Establishment.

Robert E. Wilner, M.D., PhD stated; “Physicians today are required to practice within the standards of the community. This does not mean what it seems to say. The word standard no longer refers to the qualities of high or low, excellent or poor. It now means that you do what everybody else is doing; even though no vote on the matter has been taken . The physician of today is merely the product of over a century of conditioning in the legitimate drug culture. The pharmaceutical complex provides research grants, contracts and advertising support responsible for the existence of the many thousands of journals published each year. This guarantees virtual control over scientific and medical direction and thought. The result has been highly profitable. The great majority of physicians are honest, dedicated, and sincere scientists. They truly believe that they are on the cutting edge of medicine and that anyone who pursues another path is either misguided or ill-informed . . . as long as physicians pursue the magic bullet theory, and ignore thousands of years of experience; iatrogenic (medically caused) illness and death will become more prevalent than ever.”
(Read Dr. Ronald P. Drucker's free online book: The Code of Life )


7. Is DigestaCure FDA approved?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve or disapprove natural products. The FDA approves chemical-based drugs for the superficial treatment of symptoms of diseases. FDA approved, profit-based pharmaceutical drugs reportedly kill tens of thousands of suffering people annually, and maim hundreds of thousands more, while masking symptoms (at best), and healing virtually nothing.


8. Do I have to follow a special Diet in conjunction with this program?

No. Special diets are not mandatory. That being said; watching what one eats while healing will help reduce stress on the digestive tract, thus speeding the healing process, but diet in itself is not the answer. We include General Eating and Lifestyle Recommendations with the package, which are for the most part common sense in regard to foods which are easy to digest, and foods you may wish to avoid during the healing phase.


9. Do I need a prescription to buy DigestaCure?

No. DigestaCure is not a drug. No prescription is required.
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10. How much does DigestaCure cost?  Where can I buy DigestaCure?

See the package prices on the order form here: Package Prices and Information


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