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If you suffer from Diverticulosis / Diverticulitis,

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You need to be aware of a few facts, which in all likelihood have been withheld from you:

TERMS First: As you may be aware, a pouch in the lining of the colon that bulges outward through a “weak spot is called a diverticulum. Multiple pouches are referred to as diverticula. The condition of having diverticula is called diverticulosis. The condition of having one or more infected diverticulum is called diverticulitis.

These infectious attacks can be extremely painful, and are most often treated by the medical establishment with antibiotics which strip the entire digestive tract (anti-biology) and may lead to more serious and/or ongoing complications without ever addressing the CAUSE of the weak spots. After years or even decades of failure to address the cause, they commonly prescribe surgery to remove various sections, or the entire colon.

Dr. Drucker


It is commonly agreed upon, that the pouches form as a result of pressure within the colon, which pushes through the weak spots, or small perforations in the layers of the colon wall. Yet, the modern-day medical bureaucracy will not address the CAUSE of these “weak spots.” They speak about theoretical low fiber diets adding to the pressure, but again, avoid discussion in general of the CAUSE of the weak spots and stick to the money makers; drugs & surgeries.

Shedding a little light on the manufactured mystery: Intestinal mucosal is the innermost protective membrane of the four layers of the intestinal wall. In nearly all instances of disease manifestation in the digestive tract, this protective layer must first be left unsupported (immune failure), subsequently eroded, and in some cases, burrowed through (negative bacteria), prior to damage or inflammation of the underlying layers occurring.

The immune system plays a key role in the support of this innermost protective membrane. Without adequate or “normal” immune support, the mucosal lining will break down and be stripped away. This is apparent in several autoimmune digestive diseases. Pain, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, weak spots, perforations, tissue damage, and tissue abnormalities of all kinds occur when the protective mucosal membrane is unsupported by immunity.

Although Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis and are not “officially recognized” as autoimmune conditions by “the establishment,” every indicator points directly to autoimmunity. In addition, in my experience, those who have diverticulosis or diverticulits often have other diagnosed “recognized” autoimmune conditions confirming the presence of autoimmunity. Many who are diagnosed first with recognized autoimmune conditions, are subsequently diagnosed with diverticulosis, and vice versa.

How to heal the root cause:

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The best of health to you and yours, Dr. Ronald P. Drucker

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